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November 10, 2010

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November 14, 2008

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Private Hacks

November 14, 2008

Clara Pham: I’m gnna type this because I care about you. And I want you to really think about what I type to you. Alright, Ready? If your not, Then get ready. Life’s hard. It’s complicated. It’s unfair. You know that, I know it. But how many times has life done this to you? Too many times maybe? How’d you get through it? Why are you still here. You don’t know? If you don’t then I have the answer for you. Your still here because you had the STRENGTH and courage to get through it. Sure, Each time. Things could get worst. It’s possible. But you’ve never ever given up completely. You know why? Because you have hope that things will get better. You may not realize it at all right now, But sooner or later you will. Because I’m gnna be here to help you realize it. If god wanted to take you away Michelle, He would’ve. But he hasn’t. Because your gnna serve a greater purpose in this world. He didn’t create you, And give you a chance for you to live for you to take it away like that. You don’t realize it but, Sometimes you’re the reason I struggle to stay around. Because I know if YOU can do it. I can too. You’re my inspiration when things get tough. I see how you handle things. I see how hard you work for things to get better. And you know I already understand that things get hard. I may not completely understand what YOUR going through right now. But I have an idea. You shouldn’t give up. Because you have no right too. You’ve worked too hard in life, Got this far. You didn’t do all of that to just drop everything and give up. I know you didn’t. You want a future for yourself. You handle everything because you can see that somehow in the future things will work out. Even though things right now, Suck like ksjhg. But that never means to give up. But I can understand that it gets very frustrating so you just want too. I’m not judging you for doing that, Because I do it too. But don’t say that your gnna overdose and all of that other shit. I hate seeing that. Especially from you girlfriend. You mean so much to me, And knowing that your going through a tough time. Hurts me, Because I know I can’t do much to help you get through it. I don’t know what to do, Don’t know what to say. It’s hard comforting someone when you have NO IDEA how they feel or what there going through. I can say I’ve been through it, But it doesn’t mean I understand what you feel. So basically my point is. Keep your head. Things will eventually get better, But at some point they’ll get worst too. But it’s life. You can’t expect for it to be great. You need to get through the hardships to get to them better days. In life you don’t get to choose which obstacles you want to deal with, But you do have the choice to suck it up and deal with it or walk away and forget about it. You have the choice honey. I know it’s hard. I know it sucks. I know its stupid. But it happens. More to some people, And less to others. Either way, We all have our times/moments. Me and you made a promise. We’d get through this together. If you leave me, Who am I gnna get through this with? Who’s gnna be my better half? Who will I go to when I have problems. You mean a lot to me. And I’m not gnna lose you. I just don’t want or need that. You’re one of the people in my life that, I’m not gnna lose. I won’t ALLOW it to happen. Especially if I can somehow prevent it. The promise we made, I’m keeping it. I hope you will too. You know I’ll be here every step of the way. I will get you through this. I won’t let you fall down sweetie. I got you. Seriously. I love you. Please IM me when you get this, OR once you get home. Or you can call me if you want too. ❀ Like I said, I’M HERE.

Andrew Dela Cruz: PSH FORGET THAT HACK MAN! (: lmfao sike ok ill stop being always mean -.-!ANYWAYS!! Michelle’s gay! justkidding! She’s cool,cooler than you! She’s my mommy! So dont start shit with her cause her sons will beat you up you mothercracker!(: anyways shes a nerd shes cool she drives she loves us more than you! We love her more than you guys! lmfao wtfuck am i saying -_- this doesnt seem like a hack anyways!Michelle is the type thaaaat is gna be there for you no matter what time of day it is or yeah o_O but yeah! Well dont bring bullshit to her she’ll get hella motherfrkn crazy on your ass!!!! anyways but yeah Idk get to know her more πŸ˜€ hahah oh jeez the drug is still in me..Ima go now byeeeee(:!

Melo: hmmm trust me it’s more in to that. i gave up sgst before but i hadda come back cuz i made some compromises with Ethiks and Vic that i’ma model for them. no homo shit. but yahh, drama would always be there. there would be no such thing as perfect family. there would be some ups and down. it’s like relationships. the amazing moments could turn into tragedy. but people don’t understand how to turn that tragedy to a better something. that’s what people are lacking. all they do is break things up if something happen. the better something you could do about it is SMILE like i told you to do. no matter how much drama it could bring you, just remember to smile and don’t stress it because no matter how rainy the day is, smile will always brighten it up. especially when someone is with you to smile with. then you’re not alone, like i’m doing with you right now πŸ˜‰ i know you did alot for the team, do you think you just gone let that go easy as that? just think about it, if anything, i’m always here to talk πŸ™‚ one thing thou, help me with my layout πŸ™‚ ehehehehhe .. keedin! you don’t have to help me. i was just keedin bout it. just to make you smile :] but yahh, you don’t have to babysit. sometimes, you gotta let the kids out their cages for them to realize what is reality. if you keep telling them what to do, then its stress for you and they will be spoiled. all they gonna do is run after you and expect you to pick them up. you’ll understand life when you get there, you just gotta know how you gonna git it. i know you are nice and really helpful, but sometimes you just gotta set up some limits to what you can handle. a NO could hurt but let them know where you’re coming from when you say the no. if they don’t understand then they’re immature but if they do, then you just did your job. πŸ˜‰ soo yahh, smile you bastard! hehehe.

Making Layouts / Banners

November 14, 2008

Banners are: $1.00 per 400px
AIM/BUDDY Icons are: Free
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Senior Fundraiser

November 14, 2008

A gift for HER

On average, one spa treatment for a single visit costs from 80-90 (Includes massages and facials ONLY). However, this package includes four visits which varies in different locations such as: Facials, Massages, Heart & Soles Pedicure, Spa Hair Treatment or Massage, Back Salt Scrub or Mini Manicure, Uptown Facial or Teen Facial, Hair or Microdermabrasion, Brianna Basic Facial, Spa Pedicure, Liss Out Scalp Treatment, Spa Manicure, European Facial, A Shore Thing Pedicure, Back Polish, Zen Facial, Exfoliating Facial Treament, Hot Stone Back Therapy Treatment, Revitalizing Facial, Infrared Sauna Chi Bed, Endermologie Treament, Chocolate Back Buff, and much more!

There are over 60+ locations across California that widely accepts this limited offer, and it’s one that you cannot refuse. Once you buy this package, (depending on which type of package) you will have from 6-16 months to actually USE the package itself!

Come on! It’s a limited offer, it includes 4 visits to the Spa and it costs only ONE PAYMENT of $65
I even bought one for my sister, and she went from overly stressed to completely relaxed.
*You can also order this online, just make sure to put the referral name as: Michelle H.


You’ll always be mine.

November 3, 2008

I absolutely love everything you do for me. You pick me up right when I fall and you always keep me smiling. There hasn’t been a day where you failed to make me smile. Maybe it’s your inability to NOT smile, but whatever it is, keep doing it. I love the way you make me feel. ❀

It hurts

November 2, 2008

I used to be. I used to be that girl that you went to for everything. I used to be the girl that you told things too, First. I used to be that girl you leaned on for support. I used to be that girl you came to when things went wrong. I used to be the girl that knew you, Inside and out. I used to be the girl that could make you feel better, Because I knew how too. I used to be the girl that understood you. I used to be the girl that completed you. I was that girl in your life. NOW, Things changed. I’m no longer that girl. I’m just another girl in your life. More like a stranger. I don’t know anything. I have to find out from other people. I no longer can support you, Because I never understand what goes on in your life.” – Clara Pham, my girlfriend

She’s right, I understand how she feels. I used to be that person in your life, but I’m nothing now. It’s not your fault that I feel that way, it really isn’t. I expected so much from you that it became this standard that no guy would ever reach. Sure, there are times when I felt happy, but more sad than ever happy. I tried denying it to myself that maybe it was the weather or the amount of stress I had. I only realized that it was because I felt pressured to love someone that I wasn’t sure things would work out with. Whenever you left after hanging out with me – I never felt happy. Whenever we hang up – It’s never a happy moment. There was just not enough moments where I felt happy about anything. It’s not that you don’t make me happy, but the atmosphere just didn’t seem to connect to how I felt. I understand that you had alot on your mind and that you tried, but I just no longer could feel the wants and needs that every girlfriend has. We were much better off as friends than we ever were together. You’ll always be a good friend of mine, no matter what goes on. It’s just at times things go wrong, but that shouldn’t mean that you should give up. Look at what you are doing to other people. Just look. There are people out there who are taking their time to help you out, and you push them away just like that. Don’t you want to show them appreciation for their compassion and yearn to help you? Don’t push them away, don’t make them feel like you are wasting their time.

They want to help you.

And I wish I could help you, but nothing I can do will make this better. I’m sure there are options that could be thrown on the table for me, but I don’t have any options. I know what I need to set forth in my life and I know what can set yours. Don’t worry about repaying me back for the gas expenses and all of that. I have it handled. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon though. And when that day comes, it’ll be as if we are strangers. Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. It wasn’t you, it was me.

Whatever You Like

September 24, 2008

Blogged at: 2:27PM

Yeah, I skipped school for the first time today because I couldn’t take it anymore. Since the first day of school I haven’t slept my usual amount of hours like I have been the previous years. Lately it’s been “Okay go home, go to work, come home, eat dinner, work on homework, study, sleep at 1AM wake up at 3AM, got it.” No, I couldn’t take it anymore and my body just can’t take it anymore. I’ve been feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically weak/sick. I needed today off in order to even continue going to school. Anyways, not like I got anything done when I was home, but catch up on sleep I ended up getting even more sick just staying at home. When you’re at home you usually think more when you shouldn’t – despite the consequences that are kind of obvious after you think about certain situations.

Relationships: Basically, I’ve been waiting for him for what two months already? I’m not sure where it’s going to take me really, considering I don’t know how he feels and I’m pretty sure he feels the same way. We have communication issues just regarding this problem – but anything else it seems like a breeze to turn to each other for help. Lately though, we’ve been talking to each other less, and I’m worried that I’m going to lose a significant person who really turned my perspective of life in a positive way. I don’t want to lost you as a friend, so please, let’s fix this.

An To Mi Bui: If you really like him then I would just stay with it. You know what I mean? You already put so much time and effort. You don’t want to back out now. Kind like a poker game, you already bet 3/4 of your money, you’re waiting on the last card, you can win or you can lose, back out now and it’s just a waste of time and a big fat ‘what if’. Life’s all about taking risks. Every day you take a risk; Just some are so small they aren’t even noticeable. This is just a big fat gamble. I can’t really say what’s going to happen because hell, I don’t know either. You might get lucky and pull your royal flush or get screwed and be left with crap.

My uncle is right. Sometimes it just takes a big risk even if you know how hard you’ll end up falling. In most cases you hope for the greatest and fall the hardest. I’m close to the edge, and if I take a leap now – I could either A) be saved and thank God that the person who I like ended up saving me, or B) be mashed potatoes and take a few months to heal my wounded self. There’s always a 50/50 chance with everything – life is a gamble even if you plan on not gambling ever (like myself) it’s a big metaphor to use to reference relationships. Eh, oh well.

Past few updates that I haven’t been able to put up because of school work: My uncles finally met G and they liked him right off the back. We watched that one movie Lakeview Terrace, yeah it was lame. We all had one thing in common to say after the movie, “It sucked”. Hm, after that we just basically walked around and waited for G to meet one of his friends. While we were waiting they kept throwing boston red beans at me and sling shooting candy necklace pieces at me. Heh, aren’t they just dandy? G drove me to the rifle range while my uncles took Tony’s car. I watched them and then G took me to my car. Everyone went home after that. I don’t know life is OKAY nothing exciting. Maybe it’s the weather that’s making me say that since I was never able to go out like this before. Eh, anyways I should be doing homework now, so I’ll update more later.

Video Blog [3]

September 8, 2008

Blogged at: 4:31PM

Video log 3:
* My third one! :]

Video Log [2]

September 7, 2008

Blogged at: 10:34PM

I was too lazy to type a blog about my day. There are a few highlights/badlights of the day that I’d like to point out though.

– Good job #5 (who ever #5 was, just kidding, David) for doing really well.
– Good job #3 (Richard – co-captain) for scoring the touch downs!

– I dislike flakers and people who don’t follow through with their words.

My second video log: